Chipola Foundation

Founded in 1980, The Chipola College Foundation, Inc. was chartered as a non-profit organization for the purpose of raising funds to benefit Chipola College and its students.  Individual and corporate gifts can make a real difference in Chipola College and in the future of our community.

Donors may choose to give to the college in an area in which they have a particular interest, such as support of a specific scholarship fund or a professional or technical program. 

Covid-19 and Chipola Foundation Scholarships

If you have questions on the scholarships or on the application process you may email or call 718-2404 or fuquaj@chipola.eduĐổi trò chơi trực tuyến or call 718-2478, and we will email you back or can call you back if you provide a telephone number in the email.

If you are returning signed scholarship contracts and thank you letters or completed scholarship applications you can either mail them to: Chipola College Foundation, 3094 Indian Circle, Marianna, FL 32446 or place the papers in the secure drop box outside of the Foundation office front door.

If you need in-person assistance, the Chipola College Foundation staff are available to help one person at a time.  If another person is already in the lobby, please wait outside on the spaced out taped lines on the sidewalk.  You must wear a facemask to enter the building.  


Spring 2021 Book Vouchers

Chipola Foundation book vouchers will be available beginning Monday, January 4, 2021. After your registration for the Spring 2021 semester and you confirm that you will not be dropping or adding any classes and your registration is charged to your Chipola Foundation scholarship on MyChipola, if you have remaining scholarship dollars and want to use Foundation scholarship funds toward your Spring semester books, there will be three ways to request a Foundation book voucher.

1. To purchase books online through the to be shipped to you send an email to request an electronic book voucher to In the email, request that Foundation staff send a book voucher to the Chipola Bookstore electronically and give your name and Chipola student number. Staff will begin to send the electronic book vouchers on Monday, January 4 to Barnes and Noble. Vouchers will be available on the website to charge your books to the Foundation scholarship on Tuesday, January 5. Electronic book voucher requests that are received after January 4 will still be sent to the Bookstore; however, plan for a minimum of 24 hours lead time from the day you send the email request before the information will appear in the bookstore accounting system in order to purchase books on the website.

2. You may request an electronic book voucher per the instructions above and go to the Chipola Bookstore in person to purchase your books, but make sure to allow at least 24 hours from your email request for the book voucher amount to appear in the accounting system. The Chipola College Bookstore will be open for in-person service to purchase books; however a limited number of students will be admitted at a time.

3. Students may come in to the Chipola Foundation office one at a time beginning January 4 to receive a paper book voucher to take to the Chipola bookstore to purchase books on campus. The Chipola College Bookstore will be open for in-person service to purchase books; however, a limited number of students will be admitted at a time. The paper book voucher can only be used to purchase books in person at the campus bookstore. If you have questions regarding this process, you may email or call the Foundation office at 850-718-2404. These instructions are as of October 20, 2020.  Should Chipola College’s operating procedures change by January 4, 2021, please check back here for any changes to the book voucher process.



Đổi trò chơi trực tuyếnGifts to the Chipola Foundation are tax-deductible, in accordance with IRS regulations. The Foundation has established the following funds that can benefit greatly from direct gifts:

  • Unrestricted Funds
  • General Scholarship Funds
  • Athletic Scholarship Fund
  • Fine and Performing Arts Fund
  • Specific Academic Programs


Donors can be assured that their gift will be used wisely to enhance the educational experience of students at Chipola College.  Donation checks should be made payable to the Chipola College Foundation, 3094 Indian Circle, Marianna, FL  32446.  For more information call, 850-718-2404 or email

Memorial Donations

Donations may be given to the Chipola College Foundation in memory of an individual.  Checks should be made payable to the Chipola College Foundation, 3094 Indian Circle, Marianna, FL  32446.  Please include information with the check outlining the name of the person the memorial is for as well as the name and address of the family member you would like for the Chipola Foundation to notify of your memorial gift.  The Chipola Foundation will send out a notification letter to the family announcing your memorial gift as well as a thank you letter back to the donor for tax purposes.  For more information call, 850-718-2404 or email

If you are a student calling with a scholarship question please contact the Foundation at (850) 718-2445 or email

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